I've been told that I cannot continue to call myself a newbie so I will champion my right to call myself one of the elders (age-wise) which can’t be disputed.

I have sung all my life in different types of settings but have never, ever been required to sing while doing choreography. The mere thought would set most of my friends and family to either laugh or cry or laugh until they cry. And then I met Judy Pozsgay. Not only did she accomplish the near impossible, she did it with all the nurturing and understanding I needed to actually overcome my fears and challenges. I am certain that I am not the only person who feels as I do here. Her choreography isn’t all easy, don’t get me wrong, but it best represents the interpretation of the music style and lyrics without compromising vocal quality. That in my opinion is no easy task. That being said she does expect you to do what she designed, with all the best intent, at all times. No half-stepping, pun intended.

I thank Judy for helping me reach my new potential! We in Ajoy are certainly blessed to have her as a member and coach.