A Cappella Joy Chorus COVID-19 Guidelines - updated 6-11-2023

A Cappella Joy enthusiastically welcomes guests! We'd love to have you come sing with us!

We rehearse indoors in Bellevue (and occasionally outdoors or on Zoom) depending on the needs of the chorus and the situation in the community. We livestream our rehearsals for singers at home.

All prospective guests need to have an introductory phone call with our membership chair, Sarah. You can email [email protected] to set up a call with her. Even if you are friends with an AJoy member, this phone call is an important step in keeping everyone in the community safe and healthy.

Exposure to COVID-19 means: 

  • Someone in my household has COVID. 
  • I spent 15 minutes, unmasked, within 6 feet of someone who subsequently tested positive. This could be in a work meeting, restaurant, at my house or at quartet rehearsal.
  • I rode in a car for 15 minutes, unmasked, with windows closed, with someone who subsequently tested positive.

Masks: if you need to mask due to an exposure or symptoms, please wear a high quality mask. Not a cloth mask or singers mask or regular surgical mask. This includes N95 (made in USA), KN95 (made in China), KF94 (made in Korea) and FFP2 (made in Europe.)

We require all guests to show proof of vaccination against COVID. The initial round of vaccination, or a more recent bivalent booster, is sufficient.

Here are the attendance guidelines:

  • Indoor rehearsals are mask-optional.
  • If you have cold symptoms with a negative COVID test you may come to rehearsal masked
  • If you have a COVID exposure, with no symptoms and a negative test, you may come to rehearsal masked
  • If you have COVID symptoms, stay home, take care of yourself
  • After a high-risk event (indoor concert, weekend conference, international travel) please test yourself before rehearsal and stay home if you have symptoms
  • Please let us know if you test positive for COVID within a week of rehearsal