A Cappella Joy Chorus is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to music education and performance. Fundraising helps us cover expenses such as coaching, facilities, and travel. We will need additional funds to make the trip to New Orleans in October 2019 for the Sweet Adelines International Competition. Any support you can provide is greatly appreciated! 

Direct Donations

Passive Fundraising

Active Fundraising


Direct Donations

We gladly accept donations of money and in-kind gifts. Donations are generally tax-deductible. We accept donations in person or by mail to A Cappella Joy, PO Box 2896, Woodinville, WA 98072.

Remember that gifts to A Cappella Joy also qualify for matching gift funds from many employers, including Boeing, Microsoft, and Starbucks. You can double your contribution!

If you are a member of AJoy, ask if your employer matches volunteer hours. These are hours you may spend outside of rehearsals or performances, participating in board meetings, planning meetings, wreath sales, and garage sales.

Passive Fundraising

There are many ways you can support A Cappella Joy just by shopping, at no additional cost to you!


AmazonSmile enables you to support A Cappella Joy when you shop on Amazon. Once you register A Cappella Joy as your chosen charity, anything you purchase through AmazonSmile will accrue money for A Cappella Joy.

To sign up, just go to https://smile.amazon.com and sign into your account. You will be given an option to select a charity, or you can change your existing charity. We are listed using our full name: A Cappella Joy Chorus. (Remember that "A Cappella" is two words and "Cappella" has 2 Ps and 2 Ls.) Then you just have to do your Amazon shopping at https://smile.amazon.com – the interface and selections are exactly the same as what you’re used to on Amazon.com. Amazon will even remind you to go to the AmazonSmile version of the page if you forget!

Fred Meyer Community Rewards

If you have a Fred Meyer Rewards Card, you can link your card to A Cappella Joy online and Fred Meyer will make a donation to us every time you shop using your card! Log in to your Fred Meyer account at https://www.fredmeyer.com/topic/community-rewards-4 (if you don’t have an account, you will need to set one up). Click Community Rewards, enter “A Cappella Joy Chorus” or our NPO ID number, MA802, in the Find an Organization box, then click Enroll.

Bartell Drugs ‘B’ Caring Card

When you get a Bartell Drugs ‘B’ Caring Card, up to 4% of your purchase amount will be credited to AJoy. Go to http://www.escrip.com/merchants/identity/bcaringcard/ and follow the instructions – just pick up a card in the store and register it at the store, online, or by phone to give donations to AJoy. AJoy's Group ID is 155428863 (the same as eScrip).



eScrip allows you to support AJoy when you shop or dine at participating stores or restaurants. Register your credit or debit card with eScrip at http://www.escrip.com and select AJoy as your charity. AJoy's eScrip Group ID is 155428863. Then any time you use that credit or debit card at a participating retailer or restaurant, a small percentage of your purchase price is automatically donated to AJoy. (Note: AJoy is not eligible for eScrip purchases at Safeway.)


The iGive app allows you to support AJoy when you shop online. Simply download the iGive application directly from the iGive link above to your computer, smartphone, or other device. Follow the step-by-step instructions on that page. Once installed, the iGive application will send money to AJoy any time you buy from a participating business on that computer or device.

Active Fundraising

Periodically, we offer products and services to the public as part of our fundraising effort. Please watch our Events page for details. Fundraising events may include:

  • Singing Valentines (February)
  • Chorus garage sale (summer)
  • Holiday wreath and plant sale (November)
  • Singing holiday phonegrams (December)
  • Food purchases through Schwan's (seasonal)
  • Great American Opportunites (see below)

Great American Opportunities

When you buy wrapping paper, magazine subscriptions, personalized gifts, and other items through Great American, you can have a portion of your purchase amount donated to AJoy. They offer the same heavyweight wrapping paper that the schools sell, so you get high-quality wrapping paper in large rolls for the price of a lightweight drugstore roll. Best of all, most of their items fund 50% back to A Cappella Joy! Just follow the instructions on our page at https://www.gaschoolstore.com/storev2/home/index?t=de7dd7c6-f24e-4eed-b719-07e4c5b9aaee, or go to the home page and enter our group number, 3077799.


If your business is interested in sponsoring A Cappella Joy, please contact Carrie Howard, PR/marketing lead, at [email protected] to discuss opportunities.