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Rachel Murphy - Tenor - Jet Cities Chorus

Alena Hemingway - Lead - A Cappella Joy Chorus

Holly Davis - Bari - A Cappella Joy Chorus

Bethany Frerichs - Bass - Jet Cities Chorus

Renegade is a brand new quartet based in the Seattle area. Between us we have two and a half music degrees, two teaching certificates, three cats, two goldfish, a hedgehog, and over 100 years of musical experience. Singing in the barbershop style brought us wacky, driven, goofball girls together. We hope that singing new and diverse music, getting great coaching in many styles, and performing at amazing events will inspire our audiences, and keep us together.

To find out more about us, or request our presence at your event, check out Renegade Quartet on Facebook or email us at [email protected]!"